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We are Woody
We are an Israeli company that designs handmade and recycled wood sunglasses. We named 'Berg & Rose' and established 'Woody' as a green brand with love and affinity for the environment
Life in the city - with a great passion for the wild. Using the enormous power of nature to surf, climb, skydive and discover places we didn't believe existed
Nature for us is the greatest inspiration. Our wooden glasses are made only from materials that can be found in the natural environment. They are made by careful hand, with clean design, cutting and finishing. Everyone will be able to find the Vedic that fits their personality - the busy type, the relaxed type, the one who has chic or the one who just threw something on himself along the way. Forget trends and passing fashions
Unplug, take a breath, go outside, and get back to nature with Woody

Ecological and environmentally friendly

The Woodies love the Earth. Because preserving the quality of the environment is a value for us, our glasses are made of recycled wood and materials found in the natural environment

Purchasing a pair = planting a tree in at-risk forests

For every purchase of glasses, a new tree will be planted,young and fresh in a forest at risk around the world. For more information click here

FSC with approval

We are also a green organization with receipts! We are proud to bear the symbol of the World Conservation of Forests organization

Our handiwork and design

Woody's wooden glasses are made with love. Each model is carefully designed, thinking of the special person who will wear them. They are manufactured with great precision, with an emphasis on clean and polished cutting and finishing. We really would like to have it all to ourselves, but unfortunately we only have one pair of eyes;) We invite you to visit us at our flagship store at 63 Shabazi, Tel Aviv

Extremely light

The wood makes the glasses extremely light and comfortable! Each pair is about 20 grams 

Quality lenses

Striving for the best possible quality is an important goal at Woody. The lenses in our glasses are very high quality with 100% sun filters and Polaroid technology against the glare of the sun
The lenses are approved by the strictest standards in the world in the USA and Australia and also approved by the IsraeliStandards Institute


We provide one year manufacturer warranty from the date of purchase


It is important for us to help with ecological issues in the field of sustainability and also in social fields. We are proud to cooperate with organizations such as: Amotat Vanetat, Clear, My Wave and more. We also do various activities to protect the environment. Do you have an idea for an activity to protect the environment or a social activity? Create
Contact us and we will be happy to hear

Gifts for employees

Looking for a unique gift for your employees? Contact us and we will be happy to help you find the perfect gift

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