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By: Or Ben Yehuda


The Israel Trail starts at Kibbutz Dan and continues all the way to Eilat, about 1,100 km. The trail passes many beautiful viewpoints, springs, and quite a few challenging hiking trails. We are already nearing the end of the march and we decided to share with you the five craziest places we traveled to and had the most fun making a cup of coffee

Mount Arbel

Mount Harbel is a mountain 181 meters above sea level, a total of 3.5 kilometers of ascent that requires, among other things, climbing with the hands. The night before climbing the mountain we slept in Migdal, which is a colony located at the foot of the Harbel and hidden in it is an amazing view of the Sea of ​​Galilee. We got up in the morning And we started the climb. The walk is carried out on a long and moderate hilly path with a beautiful cliff on the right and the blue and green Kinneret of the north on the left, a view that simply leaves you speechless. We reached the top of the mountain and found a tree under which we made a cup of coffee in one of the most beautiful views in Israel with the Kinneret in the background
הר ארבל

The Benefactor Branch - Carmel Ridge

One of the most surprising and beautiful places in the northern section of the Israel Trail is without a doubt Mount Carmel, the ascent to which is not particularly difficult and mostly shaded, when at the end you reach the Hanadiv extension. We walk on the edge of the ridge when the entire coastal plain and the Mediterranean Sea spread out to the west. We were blessed with excellent visibility on the day and could see the entire stretch of coast from Haifa to Hadera. The view is amazing, the air is clean and the smell of the coffee only makes you want to lean back and continue enjoying one of the most peaceful and calm moments for
שלוחת הנדיב - רכס הכרמל

The horse spring - Ein Yavka

One of the biggest and most beautiful springs that Nahal Tzipori has to offer, and it's only a 3 minute walk from Israel Trail so we absolutely had to go there. We had already heard about this spring from other hikers on the trail and as soon as we arrived at the place we did not regret it for a moment, the water is completely clear. There is a narrow stream where you can put your feet in the cold water and it is connected to a larger and deeper pool where you can bathe and swim. We arrived at the place on a hot day on the trail, so there is no doubt that the feet in the cold water together with the shade and the hot coffee just made our day
מעיין הסוסים - עין יבקע

The artificial spring - Neat Samdar

In Kibbutz Naut Samdar in the Arava there is one of the favorite, beautiful and not so well known places on the Israel Trail. If we only allow ourselves to deviate a little from the Israel Trail, we can reach Kibbutz Naut Sander and sit on a huge majestic lake that looks like an oasis in the movies, a green place, lots of birds, animals and amazing sunsets, there is no doubt that this is one of my favorite places on the trail, the peace that exists there in the landscape The quietest desert of all, just add to all this a cup of coffee and good friends and there's nothing better than that, just perfect! In addition, it is important to say that the lake is for decoration and not for swimming and bathing, so just enjoy the beauty of the place
המעיין המלאכותי - נאות סמדר

The sandy dunes of Kasui - Kasui sands

Have you ever thought of making a coffee shop in the desert in Morocco in the Sahara desert? Maybe in the crazy dunes of Dubai? So even if it is and if not there is no need to go all the way there! Holot Kasui is the Israeli and very successful version of amazing dunes, insanely soft sand (the softest I've come across) and the most "hardcore" desert landscape that exists. In addition to all of this, I recommend reaching the cover either at sunrise or sunset, all the sand is painted in crazy orange colors that cannot be explained or conveyed in pictures. So sit on the sand, open a cup of coffee and enjoy the experiences of travel and nature
הדיונות החוליות של כסוי - חולות כסוי

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