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By: Carpenter Michal Tiberg
If during the corona you spend a lot of time at home and are looking for something to do, Michal Tiberg has prepared for you
A number of recycled wood work projects that can be made in any home

Menorah from natural materials

חנוכייה מעץ ממוחזר

What is needed



pencil meter


8mm drill

small oil candles

Working steps

A. Go out into nature and find a branch. Some highlights about the industry
Do not cut down a tree, but look in the corners for fallen pruning/branches -
Do not bring a thin branch -    
Preference for a branch 50\60\70 cm long. You can always saw it to the desired size -
Important! Make sure that the branch stands firmly on a surface and does not roll -
b. Sanding: start with coarse paper, number 80 and then move to finer paper, number 120. If the branch has thick bark, you can use a chisel to remove the bark
C. Measuring and marking: mark with a pencil the positions of the candles. Decide how much space you want between candles
Lenar. Don't forget to use a meter here so that the intervals are equal
D. Drilling: Connect the drill to the drill and drill in the branch exactly on the markings. Note that you only need to drill a 2 cm hole, don't make a hole too deep
e. Finishing: apply varnish to the branch
and. Ending:Put the candles in the holes and light Hanukkah candles

Sunglass stand from used trees

מעמד משקפיים מעץ משומש

What is needed

Wooden board size 40/10 - or any other size you choose


4mm drill bit 

2 hooks

Hot Samson


working stages

A. Choosing a wooden plank:For this project you can use any scrap wood you find, of any size and any shape

b. Sanding: Sand the board with paper number 120, round the corners with the sandpaper. Continue sanding until the board is smooth and you can pass your hand over it without getting stuck with thorns

C. Marking: mark 8 cm from each end, in the middle of the board so that you have 2 marks on the board

D. Drilling: Connect a 4 mm drill bit to the drill and drill a hole exactly in the places we marked

e. Connecting the hooks:To connect the hooks from above, drill a hole in the upper part of the board. After drilling a hole you can screw the hooks

f. Connecting the wire: Cut Samson wire to the desired length and thread it through the 2 holes we drilled.tie the wire at the back of the board, cut another wire and attach hooks so that it is easy and convenient for us to hang the product

G. Hang on the wall and put the sunglasses


Stand for sunglasses made from natural materials

מעמד למשקפי שמש מחומרים מהטבע

What is needed

thick branch

Small branches - all kinds of sizes

Wooden board - length - 20 cm. width - 10 cm. Thickness- 3 cm


4 cm butterfly drill

8mm drill


carpenters glue

work steps

A. Choose a branch with a thickness of 4 cm (more or less) - I recommend choosing a branch that has some twists

b. Sanding:Sand all parts. Start with coarse paper, number 80 and then move to fine paper, number 120. You can sand with a sanding machine or manually

C. Board drilling:Attach a butterfly drill to the drill and drill a 2 cm deep hole

D. Drilling in the branch:Attach an 8 mm drill bit and drill holes in several places on the branch, asymmetrically

e. Inspection: check that the branches easily enter the holes we drilled. If not - sand the end of the branch a little more

f. Gluing:Put glue in all the holes we made and put the branches inside. Wait about two hours until the glue is dry

g. Place the sunglasses on the branches and you have a beautiful, recycled product that you built all by yourself



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