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woodie cleanup challange
When we walk around the country, whether it's in nature, at sea or even on the streets, it's hard to ignore the amount of waste that surrounds us. We felt that during the Corona period the situation even got worse and we thought to ourselves how we could improve the situation.
This is how the idea of ​​Woody's cleaning paint was born! From now on spend a few minutes collecting the waste around you and you can win glasses.
So how exactly does it work?
  • Upload a photo of you to Instagram (story/post) with a bag full of waste you collected in nature/beach/street/anywhere in Israel
  • Tag @woodie_nc and #woodie_cleanup

And that's it, you're in the lottery! Every two weeks the name of the winner will be published in our story.

Good luck and most importantly let's take care of the environment:) 

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