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1. Purification of Cotton: We begin with high-quality cotton fibers. These fibers undergo a thorough cleaning process to eliminate any impurities, ensuring the foundation for our frames is exceptionally pure.

2. Activation: The purified cotton fibers are then treated with a special solution. This step is designed to prepare the fibers, making them more receptive to the transformation process that follows.

3. Transformation Process: During this pivotal phase, the prepared cotton fibers are combined with specific activating agents and a catalyst in a carefully controlled environment. This leads to a significant alteration in the structure of the cotton fibers, transforming them into cellulose acetate. This material retains the essence of natural cotton but is enhanced to be more durable and flexible, making it ideal for eyewear frames.

4. Refinement: After their transformation, the cellulose acetate undergoes several refinement stages:
- Washing: This stage cleans the material, ensuring it's free from any residues or impurities.
- Conditioning: Here, the material is treated under specific conditions that enhance its physical properties, making it perfect for crafting into frames.
- Drying: The material is then carefully dried, stabilizing its structure and preparing it for the final manufacturing steps.

5. Final Processing: Now dry and fully prepared, the cellulose acetate is ready to be shaped into frames. This involves molding it to the desired form, polishing for a smooth finish, and attaching our signature wooden temples, creating a harmonious marriage of natural aesthetics and thoughtful design.

Throughout this process, our commitment to environmental stewardship is paramount. We ensure that each step is conducted with respect for the natural environment, emphasizing sustainability and reducing our ecological footprint, all while delivering a product that is both stylish and conscientious.

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