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No matter along which coast we travel in Europe, Asia, America, the poles or the beaches of Israel, everywhere we find plastic waste floating in the water or dumped on the beach, evidence of the overconsumption that characterizes our lives and the low awareness of its consequences

In recent times, governments and organizations around the world express a desire to reduce the use of plastic, and especially single-use plastic, through legislation and advocacy. For example, France drafted a law to stop the use of single-use plastic, as did other countries. "Clear" is leading the fight in Israel to reduce use through the "Plastic Free City" campaign and through legislation that will ban the production, import and use of single-use plastics

On the other hand, the production of plastic in the world is expected to double during the next 20 years and triple by 2050 and that the plastic industry in the US alone intends to invest approximately 164 billion dollars in building new factories to create plastic products. 264 factories intend to double production in light of the demand The increase in plastic products and especially disposable plastic, the consumption of plastic is growing by about 3.5% per year in the world, which is recognized as the enemy of the environment. A trend that must be put to an end, before we are all drowned in plastic

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